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The Snow Doesn't Fit in this W
Late in the afternoon I needed to take the subway to the other side of town. I have a coffee date with one of my last few friends in this world..
Everyone leaves me..
The snow crunches under my boots leaving the house, towards the subway stairs. It's the kind of day where it snows even though the weather isn't cool enough for the snow to keep on the ground. None the less, it is still chill and my scarf does a miserable job at keeping my maw warm.
I work as a dishwasher at a deli also down the street. The wind likes to inhabit the cracks in soap beaten hands.
Going down the stairs, the air gets warmer and more still. I always liked that about tunnels, must be why a lot of homeless people populate the subway, warmer than the streets.
I approach the ticket booth, man I hate talking to these people, it's never a smooth exchange.
"two, please" I squeaked out with my hoarse voice. the ticket man looks up at me from his paper, eyes glazed over behind his glasses.
Without a word, he presses th
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Magic Guitar with the magical
Ronnie Finished picking his apples for the day and was comfortably sitting under one of his apple trees plucking away at his guitar.
You see, in those places in America there isn't much to do in a day after the work is done so, when you have something to do that you like to do, it's what you do.
For Ronnie, it was playing guitar.
Ronnie was playing in the sun while the citters of the forest came for a listen. Some squirrels were chittering while some birds chirped.
Something Ronnie liked to do besides playing guitar was exploring. That day, Ronnie went to a local swamp looking for pollywogs and other slimy things.
There, in the muck near some trees was what looked like a guitar. The mud made a big sucking sound as it came out. The guitar itself was weather beaten and it was missing some strings but.. he tried playing it anyways. Despite the fact that the thing was missing strings, it played beautiful music. With each tone, the guitars mouth glowed. Then, from the opening some of the gl
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In a sleepy town close to you a Couple lay in their bed. The house asleep and everything was fine. Alight rumble and the alarm clock starts to flash 12:00. Another shake, this time more violent, their eyes snap open and look at each other not moving. Boom, another shake and this time they're up. They look outside and see the ground is growing some kind of protrusion and its growing fast.
The growth hits the foundation of the house and the house shakes violently. The parents move quickly grabbing their two kids. Sleepy eyed they're rushed down the hall and down the stairs. Ceiling and hung pictures start to fall as another jolt shocks the house. From the living room window they can see a bright glow starting to appear. Down the stairs to the front door; when they open the door there's a flow of lava there to greet them. They close the door and it quickly bursts into flames. The house starts to tip up at an awkward angle and the wood starts to moan. Smoke starts to fill the place and the
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Conk on the Head
I used to be evil. I used to maim and envelop people into danger. Then, one day while fighting a foe who sought to free the world from my evil.. got their wish.
We tussled and rolled, engaging in stalemate after stalemate until.. they tripped me and my head hit something, hard.
When I woke up I felt my personality washing away like the tide going out. I felt disoriented and had no sense of who I was, despite the concussion. I could feel who I was, but I couldn't see it or get a grip on it. Soon, it was gone and I was someone new.
someone good..
when I was told of my past, I could believe it. I have so much good in my heart now, such a sense of right and wrong. I feel regret for what I've done as well as regret for who I have become.
I can only imagine what I use to be would say to me now.
I'm wrestling with my identity, but in doing so, I'm taking it one day at a time.
Soon, I feel I will don the cape once more, but for the side of justice and good. I will not apologize for it either,
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The long Over Due Goodbye
Our house is a sleep except the creaks and cracks, a sonic history of the house. Outside there's a low glow creeping up the hill to the house...
Bill crouched on the ground in front of the window, peaking his large nose out the curtains, pupils fixated and dilated to small saucers.
Coming up the hill, the glow grew brighter and Bill's eyes grew larger. Up that damn hill came Rufus.. uncle Rufus. Rufus glowed a dim blue and all his skin was sagging all over the place.
"Honey..." Bill said, "Uncle Rufus is here..." Still widening eyes and fixated on the figure now approaching the door. Bill's wife, Robin rolled over to face Bill, opened one eye and groggily said, "Rufus is dead love, come back to bed"
"I know dear.. I know.. but there he is.. knocking on the door.." Just then a weak knock at the door.
Robin, alerted by the noise and the scene her husband just described, shot up but not so fast as to alert her already jittery husband. Still a little asleep and not aware of the absurdity o
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War Now Count to 20
The helicopter landed in a nearby copse of trees, and here I am shot up and unable to move. Those damn bad guys gunned me down in my escape of the prison, they never could hold on to me. A war buddy came screaming in, guns ablazing, shooting everything that moved and sprung me. Little did we know they were waiting for us outside.
We rounded the corner, inches away from freedom, my pulse throbbing in my ears and bam. Little johnny was shot down, he was soo young. I couldn't turn around and save him, he only would have slowed me down and he knew that.
I reached a nearby building, outside of their view, closeby to the patch of land that was arid and no plants grew and here I lie trying to catch my breathe.
Before I was captured I had received intelligence that there was another prison they were keeping my people in but it's getting dark and with the darkness comes the guards. The prison itself is near but I still have to pass through open territory. No mans land. Once I get there, there a
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The Man Who Keeps Finding Mone
deep in the the heart of the city, there was an average man who lived in a dumpy apartment, who walked the city all day with the saddest look on his face all day.
Everyday, he would walk in the crowds of people, looking at the ground as if someone had stolen something from him.
While stopped at a cross walk, the man continuing his sullen look, gets tapped on the arm. Slowly, turning his half lit eyes to the tap and there stood, a little girl.
The little girl looked up at the man, and the man looked down at her. She was a normal little girl, but parents nowhere in sight.
"why are you so sad?" the little girl pleaded.
In a very meek voice the man replied, " oh.. you wouldn't understand little girl" With the crosswalk changing and everyone shuffling across he snapped his gaze back at the street and began is crossing.
The little girl, befuddled by the answer, stood there for a second before bounding around the street to grab the mans hand. " What do you mean, I wouldn't understand? Is it b
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Childhood Hero
This is a story about janey, she is 5 years old, but almost 6. today at school she met a new friend.
Janey was outside at recess, playing near the group of trees at the back of the yard, in the back corner where the gate to go to the buses is and she heard a little voice. Janey looked all around the small trees with the one stump but didn't see anyone near her. Janey folds herself in half to look through her legs under the roots of the single stump. In the small hole she saw something sparkling. Almost falling over, she reaches in and pulls out not something made of metal but a little creature.
This creature was lizard like in nature but was orange and purple. the creature looks up at Janey and gives her a smile.
"what are you!" Janey asks inquisitively, now standing straight, but legs still wide from the upside down look into the roots. The dragon like creature stands up on it's hind legs, puts one arm in front of his body and warmly says, " good afternoon Janey, I am your new friend.
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